How to create a website for your business in just 10 min

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Create your new business website fast and easy! Go to and claim your Free or Pro Account to follow the tutorial on how to create a website for your business in just 10 min. In case you wish to download and reuse this project for your own website, it is available from our Gallery. It is fun and easy and you do not have to be very technical skilled. Follow a long and you will be proud of your result!


how_to_create_a_website_for_your_business  how_to_create_a_website_for_your_business_2










What is a wireframe?

A wireframe is a drawing of how you want, in this case, your business website to look and how users are supposed to click through it. You use a wireframe for yourself to get clear about where you want text, images, navigation etc. to be positioned on your page. You also use it to get clear about the user flow of your website. How are your customers supposed to navigate through your website? This means that you will gain an overview of all the pages that will make up your finished website.


Why should I  bother to create a wireframe drawing?

Creating a wireframe, like we do in this tutorial, allows you to get very specific about how you want the design of your business webpage. This forces you to think about the user experience early in the process. But why not just go to a designer or programmer to begin with and let them figure it out, you may think? Well Whether you contact a designer or programmer physically or online, they will need some sort of specification from you. They will need to know what you want. And if you are too abstract and do not know exactly yourself what it is that you want, the process is going to be a lot more expensive, than if you had a finished wireframe that you could just hand over. In the later case, this would make it possible for a designer and programmer to give you a price up front and you would be able to choose the best offer presented. With this method you will avoid surprises both in terms of the finished product and the price. Changing a website that is already coded is a lot more time consuming hence expensive, than changing a wireframe drawing. Should the designer or programmer have any comments on your wireframe, you can easily edit it together. Trough NinjaMock you can invite them to edit your website project. This means that you can discuss and agree on what is going to be created, before starting. Getting the functionality and the user flow of your business website right the first time, will make the process pleasant for all parties involved. It will save you time and money and you make sure that you get the business website that you want. So let’s get started and show you how to create a website for you business in no time!


How to create a website for your business in just 10 min (1)

In this first part of the 3 step tutorial we will show you the business website that we are going to create. And we will show how to create the front page of our website. Follow along and you will have your own website in no time!


How to create a website for your business in just 10 min (2)

Continuing where we left of in part 1, we will create our service or product page. Hang in there you are almost at the finish line!

How to create a website for your business in just 10 min (3)

Finally we will create our “about us” page and link all our pages together to a finished wireframe.

Congratulations. You now have a finished website wireframe!

You are as close to the real thing as one can be. You now know exactly what you want your website to look like and how it should be linked together. This gives you the opportunity to make a good deal with a programmer and designer, as your wireframe works as a blueprint for what they need to create. This means that your website will be up running in no time!


If you want to start a business, These post may also be of interest to you: Use wireframing to go from idea to business fast. and Imagination and action – The magic ingredients in entrepreneurship


Start designing your business website!



Happy Creating

The NinjaMock Team

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How to create a shopping app in just 10 min!

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Follow this 3 step tutorial on how to create a shopping app and you will have a finished app in no time!



The fastest process of creating an app is to:1) create a wireframe for your shopping app. A wireframe is a drawing of how you want your shopping app to look in terms of images, text, navigation etc. It also shows how you want users to navigate through different pages of your app. This is what we are producing in this 3 step tutorial. 2) The next step for you is to take this wireframe to a web designer and programmer. Having your wireframe gives them a very clear understanding of the end product that you want. This clarity makes their job easier by saving them time. For you time saved on programming and design saves you money. It is a win-win situation. You can find web designers for logo and web layout on platforms such as and programmers on platforms such as, or 3) Enjoy your new shopping app!

To follow along the tutorial, create your own NinjaMock account and start designing! We offer both FREE and PRO accounts depending on your needs. It is fast an easy. If you just want to use this shopping app project as your template and add additional pages to make it fit your business. Go to our Gallery page, download and import the project to your own account.


How to create a shopping app in 10 min. (1)

In the first part of the “how to create a shopping app”, we are showing you all the pages that makes up the finished app. After this we are going to create the pages step by step. Follow along in your own pace and you will soon have your shopping app.


How to create a shopping app in 10 min. (2)

In the second part of the tutorial we are continuing where we left. We are creating additional app pages. Hang in, your are almost there!


How to create a shopping app in 10 min. (3)

In the final and last part of the tutorial we are creating our final pages. Finally. We are showing you have to link all the pages together and you will have a finished shopping app wireframe. Congratulations!


Congratulations on your Shopping App wireframe!

You are now as close to a finished shopping app as anyone can be. You can now export it as a PDF and upload it on one of the platforms mentioned earlier, along with your design wishes. You can also give your selected web designer and programmer access to your project directly in NinjaMock via a link. Moreover, It is possible to export a project as a HTML coding file, which may make the job easier for your programmer to save even more time.

Using a wireframe tool like NinjaMock ensures that you become clear about how your shopping app should look like and how users should be able to navigate through it. It gives you the best conditions for making a good deal and saves you time and money during the next state of developing the shopping app. For inspiration about wireframes in relation to starting a company, you may also read the article Dreamers who Do.


Start designing your shopping app today!


Happy creating,

The Ninjamock Team


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Are you a Programmer? Avoid headache using a simple wireframe tool

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Avoid headache using a simple wireframe tool to make your coding more effective. Get feedback from clients and users, before starting to code, as it is much faster and easier to iterate a wireframe, than having to re-write your entire code.

Some say that the lazy programmer is the best programmer, why spend unnecessary time on coding, if you could be more effective? Whether you are collaborating with a team or it is just you and the client, using a simple wireframe tool is the key to using your time most effectively and getting satisfied clients.

NinjaMock makes you easily create, collaborate with colleagues in real time, share with clients and run user tests, before coding. Don’t worry, you’ll have full control over your project, assigning different roles to your team, such as “admin”, “designer” and “reviewer”.

Having a wireframe that has been user tested and approved by the client works as a blueprint for your code. It gives you an idea about where divs, headers, navs, images etc. are going to be. Follow this and you will be much more effective with your time, avoiding the headache of rewriting code, due to dissatisfied clients. To sum up, we have listed 6 reasons why wireframing is a must.




Why using a simple wireframe tool is a must for programmers:


  • Using a wireframe saves you time and headache by improving your workflow.
  • Using a simple wireframe tool like NinjaMock allows for real time collaboration.
  • Using a NinjaMock wireframe editor makes it possible to get client and user feedback within the application, ultimately creating better apps and websites.
  • Having a wireframe that is approved by the client and its users, works as a blueprint and plan of how to start coding most effectively.
  • Using a simple wireframe tool makes it possible to experiment with different structures, trying out different ideas, while they are easy to iterate, not wasting time coding the wrong thing.
  • Lastly, creating wireframes is easy and fun to do.


Start Designing! Make your work flow even more effective by using our template pages or ready made projects from our Gallery.



Happy Creating!

The NinjaMock Team

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Wireframe for Education – Create excitement and foster communication and team collaboration using an easy wireframe tool

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At NinjaMock we believe that learning must be fun, inspiring and playful, building confidence and adding a feeling of progress and success to the students. Most of us remember that special teacher, who was really into what he or she was teaching and walked that extra mile to inspire and encourage us as students, to develop our skills in a fun and interesting way.

Using an easy wireframe tool like NinjaMock provides an opportunity to create excitement among students, whether the topic would be within design, coding, innovation and entrepreneurship, product development – or simply just for the fun of creating.


easy_ wireframe_tool.jpeg


Working with a simple wireframe tool is also great for team collaboration, as it allows the team to make ideas tangible, to facilitate communication, discussing pros and cons of different ideas and designs, allowing them to work through a design problem, taking different perspectives into consideration. Additionally, all team members are able to visualize their own ideas and the group can later take the best design pages from different team members and put it into one, ultimately exploiting all ideas of the group, ensuring to select the best possible solution.

Why use an easy wireframe tool for education?


  • Use an easy wireframe tool to create a feeling of excitement and bring out the passion and drive in your students.
  • Working in a wireframe editor provides a playful environment encouraging creation.
  • It brings out the joy of progressing in your students, seeing their ideas come to life through the finished wireframe designs.
  • It fosters communication, collaboration and ideation, creating together in teams.
  • It builds confidence and a feeling of pride, being able to share their wireframe designs with the world.
  • As the professor or teacher you can be set as “reviewer” and give feedback on the wireframe design within the NinjaMock wireframe editor.
  • It works as an eyeopener, “if I can create this, what else can I create?


Using an easy wireframe tool to facilitate learning through playful experimentation

NinjaMock provides a simple and playful environment for exploring creativity, collaboration, experimenting and learning, allowing students to develop skills and confidence within ideation and creation of wireframe designs. 

Using an easy wireframe tool like NinjaMock encourages and empowers people to create. No doubt, that this will be a super cool and exciting learning experience for your students. This is a chance to experiment and play.


Let the creativity flow – Start Designing!

easy_ wireframe_tool.jpeg


Happy Creating,


The NinjaMock Team

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Dreamers who Do – Imagination & Action, the Magic Ingredients in Entrepreneurship

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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs are often described as dreamers who do. In this article we highlight the magic ingredients of entrepreneurship as imagination and action. Later, we explain how you can use simple wireframe software, to visualize ideas and transform dreaming into action.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers who do

Entrepreneurs have often been described as “dreamers who do” and this is a very fitting description looking at the current available knowledge within the field of entrepreneurship. Despite different approaches to entrepreneurial opportunities as being either “recognized”, “discovered” or “created” ranging from incremental to radical innovation, all views of entrepreneurial opportunities require the following magic ingredients”:

“ the necessity to make decisions and take action often only based on human imagination and aspirations, that may or may not in time lead to new products, firms and markets” ( Saras D. et al. 2003)

Now let’s just take a moment to let this resonate. The magic ingredient to entrepreneurial activity is the ability to imagine what could be, to visualize it and believe in it so much, that your are willing to make decisions and act according to an imagined future outcome, well-knowing that your effort may or may not bare fruit. This on one hand seems a bit risky, and the more radical the idea, the greater risk. However, at the same time, what an encouraging and exciting fact this is, that human imagination, the ability to see what could be and make decisions and act according to it, is the magic ingredient of entrepreneurship. This highlights the importance of using visualization tools to make the imagined tangible and to be able to share your vision with future team members, strategic partners, future customers and investors.

entrepreneurship_wireframe_software entrepreneurship_wireframe_softwareentrepreneurship_wireframe_software


The power of imagination – Use visualization tools to bridge imagination and action

Visualization is the most  powerful method to translate imagined ideas and manifest them in real life. You can do this by using a wireframe software for, app and website ideas. This allow you to share your vision and take the first step to realizing the idea.

How to improve your ideation process – using wireframe software

Great Ideas, seldom appear in a clear holistic way and often require a number of different choices  along the process. thinking is not enough, you will reach better outcomes by experimenting and testing different ideas. Visualizing and communicating pros and cons with your team or stakeholders and reviewing ideas from different perspectives. Dive into the process and work your way through the different options provided in the contributing team or stakeholders, you can select the best possible ideas, user flows and designs.

Facilitate communication through wireframing

Visualizing facilitates communication and create a common framework for team collaboration. Additionally, getting more ideas into play, involving more stakeholders only heightens the quality of the ideation process, allowing you to create apps and website concepts, that is difficult to create on your own.

Use wireframe software to tricker action

Start by designing a wireframe and continually test your idea with stakeholders and customers. The wireframe is a blueprint for what needs to be designed and programmed. Wireframing is the fastest method for realizing ideas, as it allows you to make the imagined tangible, test, co-create and verify ideas, before any economic investment.

Use wireframe software to reduce risk


Entrepreneurs are risk averse

The last sentence of the statement saying; “that may or may not in time lead to new products, firms and markets( Saras D. et al 2003)” suggest that there is certain risk involved. You act upon a perceived opportunity and there is no guarantee of success. However, entrepreneurs are not “risk takers” as many mistakenly believe. They are rather risk averse, acknowledging risk as part of the game, but trying to limit it in any way possible. They work with “affordable loss” – how much am I willing to potentially lose if this does not work out?

Test ideas before investing

Using wireframe software allows you to quickly visualize and test ideas. Check if there is a market, before you invest big money in realizing the project. A good idea is only good if there enough people that will spend money on it

As an entrepreneur time is your most valuable asset. This makes wireframes a desirable method, for testing ideas and markets, as it is a cheap and risk free.

Get green light from customers

If your wireframe gets positive response from customers, you can use it to seek funding, as you can present the wireframe to investors and include positive customer reviews. Investors will have  tangible product and live customer recommendations,as a basis for their investment decision. So if you want to start a business, start with wireframing.


Got any ideas you want to test? Start Designing!


Best of Luck,

The NinjaMock Team


* Saras D. et al. (2003) Three Views of Entrepreneurship, Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research, 141-160, Great Britain, Kluwer Academic Publishers.

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Wireframe for Business – Use Wireframe Tools to Facilitate Your Product Design Process

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Using wireframe tools, lets your company reduce cost and risk, while bringing your product to market fast!

Wireframe tools are used by business owners, innovation consultants and product managers. They use a wireframe tool to facilitate the product design process. Using a wireframe tool help companies bring their product to market fast. It is a cheap and risk free method, which makes it highly attractive for project management.


What is a wireframe?

Imagine that your company is going to design a website or an app – what do you you want to achieve with this app or website? Then you may draft your initial idea using pen and paper. You draw the index page and decide where you want pictures, headings, text boxes, buttons and navigation to be located on the page. You continue to design more pages, that users can navigate to and decide the layouts of these too. With this method you will get an overview of how users are able to navigate within your app or webpage. This is called a wireframe.

However, using pen and paper is quite inefficient, when you have a project involving many stakeholders. Top wireframe tools supports project management.


wireframe tools_for_business_2wireframe_tools_for_business_3wireframe_tools_for_business

The project example above is free for download, import and reuse for your own projects and is available through our Gallery.


How wireframe tools supports project management

Top wireframe tools make it possible to communicate ideas. By creating a wireframe you make ideas tangible, which makes it possible to discuss pros and cons with your team.

Top wireframe tools supports collaboration. The way you collaborate in NinjaMock is inspired by Google Docs’ great commenting features. As a result, NinjaMock features an intuitive and familiar way to leave comments on individual wireframes and to track their status. Collaboration on a project means that all users can access the project workspace and contribute to the project depending on their privileges.

Using wireframe tools enables you to share your company wireframes with relevant stakeholders and keep them up-to-date with the progress of the project.

Tools like NinjaMock also provide an opportunity to gain feedback from customers. You can invite a group of customers to test your wireframe. Via a unique link they can view and make comments directly on their own device.

During the process of collaborating and user testing, you can easily make iterations to the wireframe. This ensures that you will reach the best possible solution.


6 advantages of using wireframe tools for facilitating the product design proces


  1. Saves time & cut cost – Wireframe tools will save you time and money. They are fast to learn and easy to use by all project members. You create and iterate ideas and design the perfect user experience. You don’t want to commit expensive design and programming resources before your wireframe is completed. 
  2. Clear communication – Having a wireframe layout increases clarity and facilitate communication, by making ideas tangible and shareable. Having a wireframe enables your team to discuss pros and cons of different ideas. Share your work with your clients in order to get instant feedback and ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the progression of the project.
  3. Ideation & collaboration – Collaboration and ideation goes hand in hand. The more stakeholders involved, the more ideas and perspectives come into play. This improves the ideation process and ensure that the best possible solution is created. Make sure that your wireframe tool supports collaboration.
  4. User testing- Some wireframe tools offers the possibility to receive feedback from customers and users. This is a great way to discover potential problems with your initial design that needs to be reconsidered. Make sure that your wireframe tool support testing of the user experience in your app or website wireframe design – before having committed design and programming cost.
  5. Project management – using a wireframe tool supports your role as a project manager. Assign privileges to your team members and stakeholders, depending their responsibilities in the project. Collaborate, like you may know it from Google Docs commenting features and track the status of individual wireframes.
  6. Project Alignment – Collaborating and communicating with clients and stakeholders throughout the design process, ensures that all parties agree on the final solution, as they have been involved in the entire process. From initial ideas to finished wireframe design.


NinjaMock supports the product design process:

This is an overview over some of the specific features, that supports you in the project manger role.


  • Real time collaboration  NinjaMock allows you to share your workspace, and collaborate in real-time with with your team. Invite your business partners and colleagues to join your project and assign them privileges so they can contribute directly. You can add as many collaborators as you want.  Your team may be located at different offices or even in different countries, but this shouldn’t slow down the process. Real time collaboration makes collaboration faster and more effective.
  • User testing –  With a single click you can share your project with anyone. NinjaMock automatically generates a special secret link, which can then be used to open and view your project.The people you share this link with, do not need a NinjaMock account. This is particularly useful for submitting your work to your customers, who do not use wireframing tools, as they can still view the designs and make comments within the app.
  • Page status – Use page status to keep track of your project. You might want to track the progress of your work in order to understand how near the project is to completion. In NinjaMock, you and your reviewers can control the statuses of individual pages. Every single page may have one of the following statuses “In progress” (default status), “Design complete” and “Approved”. This allows to keep an overview over the design process at any given time.
  • Manage team – as a project owner, you have full control of your projects. Assign your collaborators as much or as little power over the project as you want: make them administrator, designer or reviewer. The Administrator has full control over folders and projects and can invite other collaborators. The Designer, as one might expect, designs work in the project. However, this user will not be able to administer other users and their roles. The role with the fewest permissions is the Reviewer. As the name explains, they can view the project and comment on it, but will not be able to design in the project and change the wireframe. Also, reviewers can not administer other users and their roles.


We hope that you got inspired to Start designing, using wireframe tools for collaborating!

start_designing_ using_wireframe_tools_

Happy Creating,

The NinjaMock Team


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Gallery – Wireframe examples created by Ninjas

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Need inspiration for your next project? Or just curious to see how your fellow Ninjas are designing in NinjaMock. We are launching a new Gallery page with plenty of wireframe examples for your next project.


Get inspired by wireframe examples from other Ninjas in the new Gallery! View projects created in NinjaMock. Preview, download and import them into your own account and reuse all that you want. Check it out!




Having a Gallery page showcasing inspiring projects, has long been requested by current Ninjas and is now reality. We have selected our favourite public projects to inspire your creativity.

All FREE NinjaMock accounts are public, which means that any project created using a FREE account may be featured in this gallery and are available to fellow ninjas to download and use. Only projects created with PRO accounts are private.

By providing this Gallery we aim to make the wireframe creation process faster and easier, by providing wireframe examples for you to use and iterate to fit your own project. The overall goal of creating this Gallery is to strengthen the Ninja Community and inspire creation, sharing and contribution.


What type of wireframe examples can I find in the Gallery?

Within the Gallery you’ll find projects containing both Android and iPhone app wireframe examples as well as projects based on iPad, tablets, Windows, Freehand and browser designs. Use these and give yourself a head start designing your next project!


Do you want to show your wireframe examples in this Gallery?

You can submit your project and inspire fellow Ninjas with your wireframe examples showcased in our Gallery. We reward the best wireframe projects with a PRO subscription. Submit your project to:

Start Designing! Taking inspiration from the new Wireframe Gallery


Happy Creating,

The NinjaMock Team




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NinjaMock – Introducing Wireframe Template pages!

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Wireframe template pages have long been a requested feature in NinjaMock and thanks to you, it is now a reality.

Dear ninjas, We are happy to tell you that it is now possible to add wireframe template pages, when creating your projects within your NinjaMock design space. This means that you can get inspiration and try out ideas from fellow ninjas, that you would otherwise not have thought about yourself.


wireframe_template_iphone  wireframe_template_ipad_magazine


You find these template pages in the Pages section below the design canvas. Instead of adding a new blank page, you can now also choose to add different template pages suitable for your project.




Thanks for sharing you best wireframe template pages!

wireframe Template pages have long been a requested feature in NinjaMock and thanks to you, it is now a reality. A couple of weeks ago we asked our fellow ninjas to send us their best template pages to share with the rest of the community. Fortunately, a lot of you have chosen to share your work with us, and for that we are grateful. This means that we can continue to make NinjaMock even better for the whole ninja community.

What kind of  template pages can i choose from?

We are continuously adding more template pages within the Pages section, as we receive new template pages from our fellow ninjas. At the time of writing this blog post, the current template pages include: app template pages such as iPad, Android and iPhone wireframe template pages, as well as regular website wireframe template pages.

Get inspired and start designing your next awesome project.




Happy creating,

The NinjaMock Team


Want to contribute?

You can contribute to the community by submitting your template page to: We reward ninjas who contribute, with a PRO subscription – if you are up for a challenge!


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Want to start a business? – Use wireframing to go from idea to business -fast!

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In this article we cover 5 important reasons why wireframing is a must starting your business, ranging from creating initial legitimacy, persuading collaborators, getting approval from customers, applying for funding and having a clear plan for realizing your business idea and bring it to market fast.


Why should I use wireframing starting a business?

Using wireframes is risk free. You only spend your time creating the wireframe and testing your idea, which allows you to know, whether the idea is worth realizing or not, without having spent money on designers, programmers etc. only to realize that there is no market for the given product. Wireframing gives an opportunity to test ideas, select the best one, and bring it to market fast, by having a clear vizualization of the future product. 


The Power of visualization using wireframing

Visualization is the greatest tool for creating anything. Visualizing an app or website idea through wireframing, is the first step in turning ideas into reality and to create trust in you as an entrepreneur and in your business idea. It is hard to reach goals without direction. Having a wireframe for your idea creates clarity about where you are going and makes next steps clear. Creating a wireframe makes your idea tangible and concrete. It becomes much easier for yourself and others to see it happen.


Wireframing creates value for you throughout your entrepreneurial journey

Throughout the entrepreneurial process wireframing creates value at different levels. Starting with nothing except an idea, using a wireframe is the first, the cheapest, the fastest, and the most effective and powerful tool that you can use. Here is why.


5 good reasons why you must create a wireframe – starting your business


1)Use wireframing to create initial legitimacy

Legitimacy is the first resource any entrepreneur needs to establish in order to gain other resources. Having a wireframe makes your idea tangible and as close to real as one can get, during the early stage of the entrepreneurial process.


2)Use your wireframe to persuade collaborators  

A wireframe makes your idea tangible, you can use it to persuade potential collaborators to work with you. You need to make them believe that it can happen. By visualizing the end product, you can start imagining together and get them excited about working to realize the idea. Wireframing also creates common ground for further developing the idea within the new team and eliminates any potential confusion.


3)Get your customers approval – before creating

Through NinjaMock wireframe tool you can test and get feedback from potential future customers. Through invitation they can make comments to your app or website idea within the NinjaMock application. This let’s you know if you are on the right track or if anything needs to be changed, before spending money on designers and programmers. It also allow you to create the best possible end product for your customers.


4)Use wireframing it to get funding

When potential investors ask the famous question “ have you asked your customers?” You can smile and say yes, and add any positive user comments, that you have received during user testing. This is a very powerful tool for persuasion. Just think about it, would you invest your own money in any new ideas without having an indicator, that this was likely to result in a return on investment? Probably not. Having a tangible wireframe, that has already been tested by future customers with positive response, is a very good indicator that this idea may be worth investing in.


5)Realizing your idea through wireframing

Once you have either gotten funding or bootstrapped your way to carry through with your idea. You have an app- or website design approved by future customers, which you can export and send to a designer and programmer. Having the clarity of what you want saves them time, which means saving you money. You can also upload the wireframe on platforms such as and receive several offers and design suggestions, choosing the one that you like best, like one of the current users describe in her success story, my first wireframe.

Realize your business idea. Start designing!




Good luck,

The NinjaMock Team

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NinjaMock | Why Mockup?

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At NinjaMock we encourage everyone with great ideas to start executing these and bring them into life, by using NinjaMock to visualize mobile app and web page ideas, taking the first crucial step in transforming an abstract idea into a tangible wireframe and mockup design and put it to market – fast.

Everything in this world is man-made. This is a chance for you, to leave your mark on the world, and have fun while seeing your ideas come into life.

So what are you waiting for? Feed your creative Ninja and start creating your mockup today, simply for:


mockup_ninjaface The joy of creating

ninjaface_mockup The joy of realizing your idea

ninjaface_mockup The joy of sharing & inspiring others with your idea

ninjaface_mockup The joy of collaborating with others during the online mockup process

ninjaface_mockup The joy of continuously developing your design skills

ninjaface_mockup The joy of creating great user flows and receiving user feedback, with a clickable mockup

ninjaface_mockup The joy of improving your work and save time


At NinjaMock we strive to provide an easy mockup tool, simple to use, yet powerful.

We want to provide an environment of playful creation to unleash your inner Ninja and pursue your greatest dreams.   

Please send us your mockup  to: marked “ninja creator community”, We will showcase the best success stories. . We love seeing the amazing things, that people are able to create using NinjaMock. It is truly inspiring!

For inspiration you can read, my first wireframean example of a user succes story.

Happy creating,

The NinjaMock Team


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